About Prego


Prego International Group is a global payment solution provider that develops and operates a range of payment services for partners and clients worldwide.

Founded by Ronald Eriksen, our current Deputy Chairman, who identified a need in South East Asia for a salary/remittance solution for employers of migrant workers and migrant workers themselves. Payment of cash salaries and the cost of money remittance is an issue in this region.

Our solutions are based around our own online payment platform, and incorporate infrastructure services, payment gateway access, customised online payment solutions, payroll and payment card programmes.

Our services are provided in collaboration with global and local banks and through global payment networks like MasterCard, Visa and Union Pay.

Prego has identified a considerable market opportunity in the global foreign labour segment that depends on alternative payment solutions given a lack of access to traditional banking services.

Enabling people to access financial services globaly.

Enabling people to access financial services globaly.