Our cards give access to a reloadable payment account with multi-currency options without the fuzz of credit checks or complicated registration procedures. The card is linked to a virtual account that can be accessed via a desktop computer or mobile phone. Make payments, cash withdrawals and money transfer between accounts globally.



Companies gain access to an end-to-end and cost-effective way to manage payroll, including payment of salaries, wages, commissions, expenses, bonuses and more.

NGO'S & 



Organizations can disburse secure funds globally with real-time centralised control, providing staff with instant access to funds in any given situation. Our payment platform enables NGO’s and Charities to distribute cards worldwide, improving efficiency and transparency making payments.

Governments can use innovative payments solutions that enhance financial inclusion and reduce poverty in their countries, as well of reducing the use of cash. One advantage of prepaid cards over physical cards is access to data that can reveal useful information about the population being served.