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Ordinær Generalforsamling i Prepaid Global Services Limited, 55858 (tidligere navn Prego International Limited) avholdes Tirsdag 25 September 2018 i Sandakerveien 138, Oslo, Norge (Prego Nordic As) kl. 10.00. Påmelding må gjøres til: senest Fredag 21 September kl. 16.00. Relevante dokumenter, agenda samt fullmaktsskjema til møtet kan bes tilsendt ved å kontakte oss per epost: Denne melding er for aksjonærer som ikke har mottatt innkalling til møtet, sendt den 12. September 2018.


Ordinary Annual General Meeting in Prepaid Global Services Limited, company no. 55858 (formerly named Prego International Limited) will be held On Tuesday 25th. Of September 2018, in Sandakerveien 138, Oslo, Norway (Prego Nordic As) 10.00 AM. Notice of attendance to the meeting must be sent to: no later than Friday September 21st. 4 PM. Relevant documents, agenda and form of proxy to the meeting will be available by emailing us at: This notice is for shareholders which has not received notice for the meeting, sent out on September 12th. 2018.

 18th of September 2018


Board of Directors

Empowering people with global payments

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The Future
of Payments

Over 2 billion people world wide are in lack from access to formal financial and banking services. Prego’s aim is to provide financial services to foreign migrant workers, who are largely unbanked and underserved, and for whom cash receipts are risky and money transfer are expensive.

As a result, we have developed a product range of payroll solutions, business-client payment solutions, global remittance and payment concepts for employers of foreign labor, government organisations and humanitarian organisations, supporting workers, refugees and migrants globally with financial support.


Instant Account
for Free

Sign up and get access to your account within minutes through a guided registration process



You can join Prego with a few clicks and easy step-by-step instructions to register your account.  You will be asked to identify yourself by uploading an ID document, preferably a passport or ID card (issued by any country) and a proof of address, usually a utility bill.

  • Easy registration process with no credit checks
  • Personal card account for payments and deposits

  • Instant access to virtual e-money account for online purchases

The Cards

Make payments and access your money in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Prefect for unbanked Individuals, Companies, Governments and NGOs.


Features Overview

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Individuals can make purchases, ATM withdrawals and cash deposits in over 200 countries worldwide

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For employers to pay employees, including foreign workers, in place of cash or bank account.

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For companies to pay bonus to resellers and agents, in place of cash or bank account.

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Instant peer-2-peer transfer between Pay2Go™ cards and easy access to funds from ATM.

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Easy and secure way to send and receive payments to reduced bank transfer fees.

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Website login for companies and individual customers with secure account and payment managment.

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Easy account management for customers to transfer and keep track of spending.

For Who?

Our cards give access to a reloadable payment account with multi-currency options without the fuzz of credit checks or complicated registration procedures. The card is linked to a virtual account that can be accessed via a desktop computer or mobile phone. Make payments, cash withdrawals and money transfer between accounts globally.



Our cards provides our customers with access to a reloadable payment account with multi-currency options without the fuzz of credit checks.  



It is a hassle to get a bank account with a foreign passport. Prego’s account gives foreign workforce the access to a payment account as well as a dual-card option for a cost-effective way to send money home.



Companies gain access to an end-to-end and cost-effective way to manage their payroll, including payment of salaries, wages, commission, expenses, bonuses and more.



Refuges without proof of address and ID will have access to payment account with collaboration with government or organizations to make disbursement of allowance payments instead of cash.



Innovative payment solutions contribute to financial inclusion, as well as reducing the use of cash and give full legality of traceable funds compared to illegal money transfers.



Organizations can distribute cards and disburse funds globally with real-time centralized control, providing staff with instant access to funds in any given situation.


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Mobile contact number: +47 924 02 844



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